The dreaded writer’s block!

So since my second post I’ve been pretty inactive, I have a posts I’m working on but for some reason I just can get them right. If I’m honest I’m lacking motivation for writing at the moment which doesn’t help the matter. I can go for weeks at a time a write page after page but then, out of no where the inspirations, the ideas and the motivation just evaporates. It’s so annoying! I’m really OCD so I hate starting something without finishing, but when it comes to writing I have half written  drafts saved everywhere. I’m sure I have the start of a book saved on my laptop somewhere that I just can’t seem to finish.

I often  wonder why this happens. Why can I fly through some things and then struggle to even half way on others. I came to the conclusion that not all my ideas on that particular topic had formed, there where still gaps that needed filling, I should still be  in the mind mapping stage and not rushing ahead to finish it. After all you cant rush writing, I seriously doubt that any writer or journalist finished their novel/essay/article in their first sitting. So bear with and stick at it.


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