The ‘Friendzone’

So, I’m sure you have all heard of the ‘friendzone’, it’s used that often that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was now in the dictionary. Truth is, its a classic story seen over and over again, as if it is on repeat through the generations, Almost all girls, and boys for that matter, will, at some point in their lives, have a best friend of the opposite sex. I’ve seen it many times and it has happened to me, but whenever a girl gets particularly close to one guy whispers always sprout up questioning what is actually going on with them. It seems that a girl can never be just plain and simple good friends with a boy without anything more.

Or can she? Be honest with yourself, how many of you have had a best friend of he opposite sex and caught yourself smiling when you see their name pop up on your phone? How many of you have missed them on days when you don’t talk? How many of you have found that they are the person you tell first when something happened? How many of you realise that all you want in your day it make that person smile? You see how easy it is for feelings to get confused. For friendship to quickly become something more.

Yes there may be those few who are tucked securely in the friendzone’ with no hope or longing to climb out of it. But every once in a while one escapes, he slips under the radar and you don’t realise until its almost to late.That this is the guy you want. The one who brings excitement and laughter. The one who really, truly knows you to your very core. The one that is all you can think about, first when you wake up in the morning and last when you go to bed at night. Then, if you let your guard down long enough you know you could find yourself loving and wanting him, and i would be like they describe it in the books, passion so overdue it explodes like fireworks, and it would seem that even the heavens would be singing in joy for you.

But, at what cost?

You let your guard down as one slipped through then you find yourself playing a risky game of Russian Roulette with your friendship. Is it worth all the heartache once you realise that when this is over so is the friendship you once had. Do you really want to risk losing it all for the chance that he may be the mystical “one” promised by romcoms everywhere? Is it worth the risk of losing the one friend who knows you better then you know yourself?

No. And with that broken heart you securely tuck the lost chance back into the safety of the friendzone.


4 thoughts on “The ‘Friendzone’

  1. Good post. I always thought the idea that starting a relationship is a risk to your friendship was a bit strange in the sense that I’ve lost a lot of close friends without ever being involved with them. Just seems like nothing is guaranteed with or without leaving the friendzone.

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