“Body Shaming…”

(Unpopular opinion alert)

I’m sure that many of you will have heard of Tess Hoilday, the first size 22 model to be signed to a major modelling company. Understandably this caused a lot of controversy, with the “body positives” seeing this as a victory against the “anorexic, starved, traditional model”, and the “health promoters” completely disagreeing.

I have to say I am with the health promoters on this issue. It is by far an unfounded stereotype that all models starve themselves, I’ve seen models and they can eat! But importantly, like the VS models, they work hard for their bodies.

Personally I see the “body positives” as an excuse for extremely overweight people to do nothing about their weight. In Britain in particular this is a growing acceptance of being obese, but as soon as you say that you are “happy with the way you are” then you’re being “body positive” and if anyone even hints at going on a diet (or even worse the gym!) then you are “fat shaming”. This to me is completely ludicrous. If you are, as you say, completely happy with your body, at the weight and size you are then why would you care what people thought? The only way that someone can make you feel ashamed about being “fat” is if you already, deep down, feel ashamed about it.

Which leads me onto another point. Telling s fat person to go on a diet or go to the gym results in a huge backlash from all the “body positives”, however, a large, or fat person is fully within their right to tell a person who is slender, skinny, fit, muscular, that they have “gone too far”, to “get some food in them” and that “men like women with some curves”. How then is this not “skinny shaming”? And while we are on the topic, why must we quantify how attractive a woman is on the basis of what “men like”?

I go to the gym 4 times a week, I eat healthy, I sweat it out at cardio and I lift. I do this for myself. For my future health, so I am strong and that in my eyes I look good. I’m not suddenly going to give all of this up now because some insecure overweight women say “men like curvy girls”.

If you truly are going to be an advocate for body positive then you should promote all bodies. The naturally slim ans willowy, the built and fit, and the curvy. What we should be promoting is health.


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