I’m running a half marathon…

Next month I will be attempting to run the Cardiff Half Marathon with a group of Cardiff Uni students and Alumni. I am running to raise money for Dementia and Mental health charities! I am incredibly nervous as I have never ran that far before! I have finally found my perfect running pace, I am at my fittest I have ever been, and training has been going incredibly well, but it is still a daunting task. 

Dementia is a horrible illness that we need to find more about, currently we do not know for certain if there are any common factors that increase risks of dementia and so it makes it incredibly difficult to treat and live with. The families of suffers of dementia also suffer whilst they watch their loved one deteriorating. Research and awareness is essential to try and combat this illness and help suffers live out their lives the best they can.

Mental health is something that touches us all. Many of us will know of friends and family members who have suffered with mental health conditions and you may even be trying to live one of your own. It is something never to be ashamed of, the bravest thing in the world is asking someone for help. And it is vital that there is effective help there for all those who need it. 

So if you feel as though you want to donate anything toward these then you can donate on my JustGiving page here all the proceeds will be going to those charities!!

Thank you all 



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